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Dr. Eder or "Bestfriend", as we call him because of his warmth and ability to befriend everyone he meets, is incredibly close to meeting his goal. When we met him, he was volunteering as a translator at a field hospital after the 2010 Haiti earthquake and had lost family and his home. He had hopes of becoming a doctor although he had not yet completed high school. Amid personal turmoil, civil unrest and more natural disasters, Eder received his high school education, volunteering and supporting in his community through it all. Given Haiti's challenges, Dr. Eder, along with two other GAP-sponsored youth, Dr. Junior and civil engineering student, Vitiello, had to move to the Dominican Republic and learn Spanish to get their higher education. They faced extreme prejudice and poverty during their studies, yet Dr. Eder graduated from Medical School on October 1, 2022, alongside Dr. Junior.

The next step is to prepare for the U.S. Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE) so that they will qualify for medical residency in their areas of specialization.  It is a two year preparatory course held in New York City at Kaplan Medical. This requires getting their student visas and that is a very complicated process. Dr. Eder was able to get his visa and began Kaplan in January. We are waiting for Junior’s visa to come through so he can begin soon as well. In addition to tuition and fees, they will need help with rent, food, clothing, educational supplies and transportation. The cost of this support is over $5,000 per month. If you believe in them, please increase or initiate your support!

Thank you so much for caring.